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Experienced Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate transactions are always complex, for both the buyer and the seller — whether the transaction is for a residential or commercial property.

It can be reassuring to have an experienced real estate lawyer at your side as you complete the purchase or sale agreement — to prepare and review documents and make sure your best interests are protected and no loopholes remain that can ruin the transaction or result in later financial difficulty.





Representation for All Clients

The Ogdensburg, New York, law firm of The Carlisle Law Firm represents both buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout upstate New York. Our attorneys primarily handle transactions that occur in St. Lawrence County, Jefferson County and Franklin County, but we are available to consult on real estate transactions in other areas of upstate New York as well.

Our Real Estate Legal Services

Our real estate legal services include:

  • Preparation of all documents that are necessary to complete the transaction, including the deed of sale and necessary disclosures
  • Title searches to ensure clear title for the transfer
  • Referral to local banks to secure financing
  • For commercial properties, review of existing leases and negotiation of new leases with commercial tenants
  • For commercial properties, review of any easements and land use or zoning issues
Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Free Consultations

If you are seeking legal assistance to guide you through a residential or commercial real estate transaction, the law firm of The Carlisle Law Firm can help. Contact us for a free and confidential initial consultation — either in our Ogdensburg, New York, offices or another convenient location near the property in question. To schedule an appointment, call us in Ogdensburg at 315-393-1111 or send us an e-mail.